Friday, August 31, 2012

Fish Cake

Perfect Pairing:  Child’s Birthday
A couple of years ago my mom gave me the task of coming up with a birthday cake and theme for my nephew’s 4th birthday party at the lake house.   It was just going to be family at the party, but we still wanted to make it special. 
I was pretty sure my cake decorating skills were not so great since I had never attempted decorating a cake before, and that seems like something that takes a lot of practice.  I watch shows about cake decorating on the Food Network and that makes me an expert on what I don’t know.
After throwing around a few ideas I landed on a fish/underwater theme since we were at the lake.  I am not sure if my nephew has an affinity towards fish or water themed creatures, but I thought it would be fun.  The entire theme revolved around a fish cake.  I chose a fish cake because it seemed like something I could pull off with help from my sister-in-law!
Here is what we did….
I baked two 9-inch chocolate cakes, left one cake intact, and cut shapes from the other cake, including the tail and fins. 

To craft the fish extremities I traced the cake pans onto waxed paper and cut out the circles.  On one of the waxed paper circles I sketched out the fins and tail, cut out the shapes, and played around with them until it started to look like a fish.  It took a few attempts, but it was worth it to figure it out before I started cutting into the cake!  Once all of the templates were cut out of waxed paper I laid the shapes over the cake and trimmed the cake with a sharp knife.  I found it was much easier to cut the cake while it was frozen.  I would recommend doing this.

We did not have a platter large enough for the cake so I had to get creative.  I found a sturdy piece of cardboard and covered it with blue tissue paper and then covered that with plastic wrap.  Voila!  The fish is now on water.  We frosted the cake with orange icing and decorated it with M&Ms and decorating gel.  For the eye, I cut a marshmallow in half and placed a blue M&M in the center, secured with a little frosting.

Here is the birthday boy with his fish cake!  Notice there are a few M&Ms missing.  It was hard to keep little hands away from them.

Case in point….

It was not hard to guess which piece of the fish the kids wanted on their plates! 

We even had themed party hats!

But they got in the way….

I think it was a hit!

It is hard to believe he turned six years old this week and started kindergarten.  I think he is a head taller than all the other kids in his class.  Happy birthday little man! 


  1. This is a GORGEOUS cake!
    My Mom used to make me similar decorated cakes, and we all had the same happy faces as these kids have

    I think you did a fabulous job!:)

    1. Thank you Winnie! We had so much fun making this.... and eating it!

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