Monday, October 15, 2012

Overnight French Toast

Perfect Pairing:  Odds and ends of bread

I’m really sorry about this.
I have had a few friends ask me for brunch recipes.  I always send the same few over including the cornbread strata, all-purpose breakfast casserole, and this overnight French toast recipe.  I always apologize for sending it because I really enjoy providing healthy and delicious recipes, but this one does not exactly fall under the healthy category.  It could be worse, I suppose, but it is no egg white omelet. 
Anyway, I ran across this recipe on Food For My Family a few years ago and was blown away.  It is so simple!  It is so crazy good!  It takes about 10 minutes to put the base together before you go to bed, and then a few minutes in the morning to add the topping.  So simple.  The bread almost takes on a custard consistency.  It reminds me of bread pudding.  The top is crunchy and sweet.  You can use a drizzle of syrup to serve, but it hardly needs it.

The Perfect Pairing for this recipe are all of the odds and ends of bread products hanging out in your bread drawer/freezer/refrigerator.  Might as well throw in that leftover hot dog bun and the sorta stale French bread from yesterday’s dinner.  In fact, you want slightly stale bread so that it soaks up the milk mixture.  If you have fresh bread you can slice and toast in the oven a bit.  Thank you Food For My Family for the awesome recipe!


  1. Oh my goodness, him. And I love the idea of using whatever bread you have around. I always seem to bar a hotdog or hamburger bun. Have you tried the overnight praline pecan French toast by Paula Deen? Amazing.

    1. Thanks Kim! No, I have not tried that recipe but it looks amazing!! How can you go wrong??


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