Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pecan Pie Bars

Perfect Pairing:  Room temperature


Growing up I was convinced I did not like pecan pie.  It was served at every Thanksgiving, but I only had eyes for the pumpkin.  I actually thought I didn’t like nuts in general.  I think I was just trying to be cool like my big brother.  All of the adults raved about pecan pie so I decided to give it a shot one year.  Whoa.  Revelation.  It is amazing!


I was intrigued when I came across this Pecan Pie Bar recipe.  I liked the idea of a shortbread crust and making them in a 9x13 so they would serve a crowd.  I followed this recipe with no changes, except I did not top them with whipped cream.  These were incredible.  I think they are better than traditional pecan pie.  My parents agreed, and that is saying something since pecan pie is their favorite dessert of all time.

I kept them fresh in the refrigerator, but they were definitely best served at room temperature.



  1. I found your blog tonight when I was reviewing my blog stats and noticed that I have had some visitors from this post on your blog. I'm so glad that you and your family enjoyed the pecan bars.

    On a different note, I loved your vacation pictures of France. So beautiful. I have been to many places, but never to France...unless spending endless hours waiting in Charles De Gaulle airport for connecting flights counts. ~Terri

    1. Hi Terri! Thank you so much for the amazing recipe! We LOVED them.

      France was pretty fantastic. You need to put that at the top of your list. Especially if you are a foodie! Funny, I am the same way about London. I have flown through Heathrow so many times but have never left the airport.

      Take care and I look forward to more awesome recipes on your site!


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