Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tomato Bisque

Perfect Pairing: Grilled cheese
Is there any food more comforting than a really good bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese?  It is a classic combination that will never go out of style.  My mom got this recipe from her dear friend years ago and it has been a family favorite ever since. 
This tomato bisque is very deceiving because it tastes like it would take a lot of time and work to make, but it is done in a matter of minutes.  It could not be easier.  It tastes like it is full of cream but the creaminess comes from low fat buttermilk, which adds just a small amount of fat.
The Perfect Pairing for tomato bisque is, of course, a grilled cheese sandwich.  Make it fancy or keep it simple, it will be delicious alongside this soup.

Tomato Bisque
Adapted by Lindsay at Perfecting the Pairing from Southern Living

·         2 cans (10 ¾ oz, each) condensed tomato soup
·         1 can (15 oz) oregano and basil flavored diced tomatoes, undrained
·         2 ½ cups low fat buttermilk
·         Salt and pepper to taste
·         10 leaves of basil, julienned
Combine the first three ingredients in a pot over medium heat, stirring often, until thoroughly heated.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve bisque topped with shredded basil. 


  1. Seems delicious but a disgrace at the same time. Why waste such a wonderful idea with canned soup ? This deserves a proper home made tomato cream !

    1. It probably would be improved with a homemade version, totally agree! I guess this the quick semi-homemade version.


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