Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Un-Recipe Files – Chicken Sausage Appetizer


I never have any problem finding appetizer recipes that are full of cheese and carbs.  Why is that?  There are unlimited dips, spreads, cheese plates, crostinis, etc.   My family and friends often make a meal of appetizers, so I like to have some protein available in addition to the standard fare.  Those seem to be harder to find.
This has to go under the “Un-Recipe Files” collection because it cannot even pretend to be a recipe.  I started serving these at parties a few years ago and it never fails, people always comment on how much they like them.  I buy fun flavors of fully cooked chicken sausage, then slice and sauté them until they are a caramelized.  I serve them with spicy mustard and a container of toothpicks for easy grabbing.
In this photo I served Bacon & Pineapple and Chicken & Apple flavored sausages and Boetjes mustard.   Simple and delicious.
Happy 4th of July!!


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