Friday, June 21, 2013

Un-Recipe Files: Omelet Station

Here is the situation.  You are at a nice hotel breakfast buffet.  Do you go for the custom omelet station or the waffle station?  I have a hard time with that decision.  When I travel with my mom we will each take charge of one station and then share the results.  The best of everything!  During vacation in Cabo this year we talked about doing an omelet station for a big family breakfast.   We told my dad he was in charge of watching and learning from the chef.  He took his role seriously, and did an amazing job back in the Midwest!

This is what we included in our lineup.


A few tips from Chef “J”!

  • An electric griddle works great.
  • To keep things moving we put out small plates for diners to pick out their toppings and then lined them up so they were ready to go as soon as Chef “J” was ready for them.
  • Have your eggs cracked, whisked, and waiting in a bowl.  We figured two and a half eggs per person, or about one ladleful.  We didn't add anything other than salt and pepper to the eggs. 
  • Before each omelet, pour a little olive or vegetable oil on the griddle.
  • Sauté the fillings on one side of the griddle and pour the ladleful of eggs on the other side.  Smooth out the eggs so they cook evenly.
  • Wear a homemade chef’s hat.
  • Right before the eggs are finished cooking add the fillings right down the middle and sprinkle with cheese.  Fold up the omelet and serve!

Everyone agreed this was a new favorite breakfast! 


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