Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Ever Blueberry Muffins

Perfect Pairing: Hard boiled eggs

Imagine the best blueberry muffin you have ever had….  Got it?  I would be willing to bet that it is not as good as this recipe. 
I ran across these blueberry muffins on the blog, Cutting Edge of Ordinary.  She called them To Die For Blueberry Muffins, and that is about right.  I am calling them Best Ever Blueberry Muffins.  Whatever you call them, they are outstanding.  Thank you for sharing this recipe! 
I have a blueberry bran muffin recipe that I make all the time that is light and healthy.  I will share that on the blog in the future.  When I want something a little more decadent, I will be making this version.  The crunchy streusel topping sends them over the top.  You may just want to double the batch.

The Perfect Pairing for these muffins are hard boiled eggs.  I made them for Easter breakfast and they were great with the eggs.  It was a light breakfast with protein and something a little sweet.  The best thing about this breakfast is that it can all be made ahead of time and set out in the morning. 

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  1. i feel like i am borderline stalking this blog...but i just made these tonight (for breakfast tomorrow, also hardboiled eggs simultaneously). i agree with the "best ever" moniker--even though it is late, they smelled too good to not have a bite (or two!). delivering some to our new neighbors in the morning...i know they will love them too!


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